COBRA Open Enrollment Materials

Open Enrollment Materials for Accuray Incorporated (aka, the Plan Sponsor)

Thank you for accessing your COBRA Open Enrollment Resources. To get started you will want to print out the Open Enrollment Instructions. These instructions will walk you through all of the need to know items specific to your Plan Sponsor’s open enrollment and will also provide you with important enrollment deadlines.

Once you have read through your Open Enrollment Instructions, you may wish to retrieve some of the additional resources provided below.

  1. Open Enrollment Kit - This Kit was provided to Igoe by your Plan Sponsor. If carrier enrollment forms are required, they’ll be contained here. You may also find Summaries of Benefits and Coverages that will help you understand your plan options.
  2. COBRA Rate Sheet - If you are making a new rate selection or your plan has undergone a rate update, you will need to use this sheet to understand how much your desired plans cost.
  3. COBRA Continuation Change Form - Use this form if you wish to drop a plan or a dependent.
  4. COBRA Continuation Enrollment Form - You may use this form if you are enrolling in a new plan and a carrier specific enrollment form is not included in the Open Enrollment Kit prepared by your Plan Sponsor.

Questions? Contact us at any time using the contact information for COBRA listed on the bottom left hand side of the screen.