Flex Benefit Card (FBC)
The Metavante Flex Benefits Card system allows employees to directly access their flexible benefit plan pre-tax funds with the simple swipe of a card. This system provides significant benefits for everyone involved in the program: administrators, employers, and employees. Flexible Benefit Cards may be used for Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, Section 132 Transit Plans, Section 105 Defined Benefit Plans and Qualified Tuition Reimbursement Plans.

Metavante Flex Benefits Cardlooks like a typical credit or debit card, and is issued under the MasterCard® system. However, the card is only accepted at specific types of merchant or provider locations as defined by merchant category codes ("MCCs"). This ensures that employees are only able to pay for eligible expenses wherever MasterCard® is accepted-from physician and dental offices to pharmacies and vision service locations.


  • According to Metavante, employers will recognize an approximate 25% increase in employee participation
  • Provides instant access to flex account funds-no need to use out-of-pocket dollars
  • No waiting for reimbursements checks or direct deposit transfers
  • All Participant communication is sent directly to the participants personal email address for real time efficiency
  • The IRS has changed the FBC requirements. Any FBC purchase that is not an insurance plan co-payment (office visit, Rx, etc.) must be substantiated.


  • Employee enrolls in Flex Plan
  • Participant receives Metavante Flex Benefits Card and should sign the back of the card
  • The Metavante Flex Benefits Card is activated automatically when initially swiped
  • Participant incurs eligible expense as governed by the Internal Revenue Service in conjunction with Section 125 plans. Examples of qualified locations and providers include:
    • Hospitals Pharmacies
    • Physician Offices
    • Durable Medical Supply Locations
    • Dental Offices
    • Home Healthcare Services
    • Vision Service Locations
  • Participant swipes card and pays qualified provider with the mbi Flex Benefits Card
    • If a Participant swipes the card at a non-eligible location or an expense is unrecognizable, the Participant may submit a paper claim and receipt for reimbursement
    • The automated system:
      1. Determines if provider is "qualified"
      2. Checks for adequate funds in the Client bank account
  • Participant account balance is reduced by the amount of the transaction
  • Participants should save ALL receipts as they are required to verify expense eligibility
  • Participants must provide an email address in order to qualify for the mbi Flex Benefits Card


  • Reimbursements are funded by a designated employer account
  • Employer Flex funds available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • • Employer remains responsible for recovering any funds issued for fraudulent claims. Igoe will assist the employer in recouping the funds via electronic communications.
  • • Denial letters, requests for additional information or claim substantiation will be sent via electronic mail to the participant. If hard copy letters are required, additional charges will apply.


According to Metavante, employers will recognize an approximate 25% increase in participation and an approximate 27% increase in employee contributions.

  FSA without the Flex Benefits Card FSA WITH the Flex Benefits Card
Employees in FSA Plan 30 38 (+ 25%)
Annual Contribution (per Employee) $600 $762 (+ 27%)
FICA Savings $1,377 $2,215
Gross Savings (per Employee) $45.90 $58.29

The Metavante Flex Benefits Card is not eligible for use at ATM's or other unqualified merchant locations. The card will be denied at the point of sale when use at an ineligible location is attempted. If an eligible merchant or provider does not accept MasterCard®, please submit your receipts to your plan administrator for reimbursement.

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