COBRA Administration
Igoe's COBRA system uses state-of-the-art technology to administer the full spectrum of administrative functions required by the health benefit continuation provisions of COBRA. We utilize enterprise level integrated systems, which allow large amounts of COBRA information to be entered, stored and processed; automatically generating all COBRA notices, premium invoices and premium collection reports.


  • Clients have access to a dedicated Account Manager cross-trained in all aspects of COBRA administration.
  • Notices are sent to the COBRA beneficiary and dependents notifying him/her of their COBRA rights via First Class Mail within one business day of receiving qualifying event information.
  • Igoe’s Data Management Team processes COBRA participant enrollments and terminations by updating our systems, reports, and sending courtesy notifications to the applicable carrier.
  • Igoe’s Data Management Team processes all COBRA premiums received.
  • The remittance of net premiums (Igoe charges 102% of the group rate– Igoe Administrative Services retains the 2% surcharge and retains any additional Administration charges). The collected premiums (minus our fees) are sent to the employer monthly via ACH transfer or manual check.
  • Igoe will handle the mailing of all necessary participant communications (enrollment confirmation, payment coupons, benefit/rate change notices, coverage termination and HIPAA Certificate of Coverage). Notices are processed and sent every business day.
  • Igoe provides monthly reporting of all COBRA activity (notices mailed, participant terminations, premium reconciliation, enrollment by benefit plan, participant history etc.) are available online.
  • COBRA continuants may access account information online or call our professionally trained in house Call Center for support
  • Access to senior management is available when needed.


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is a very complex piece of legislation that creates significant administrative challenges for employers of all sizes. The IRS and DOL can evoke severe penalties for non-compliance and expose companies to unnecessary litigation. Igoe’s systems were created with this in mind. Every step of the COBRA administrative process is monitored, achieved, and available to our clients. Additionally, Igoe requires that all key staff members receive certification in COBRA administration and provides ongoing training through resources like the Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA).

Igoe will:
  • Abide by all Federal COBRA timelines
  • Track all necessary information in regards to COBRA
  • Electronically archive all notifications and COBRA participant correspondences
  • Issue necessary notices, including:
    • Initial rights
    • Qualifying Event
    • HIPAA Certificate
    • Notice of Unavailability
    • End of Coverage


Igoe believes that technology should be utilized as a compliment to the human touch. Through our technology:
  • Clients have access to online reporting and can view continuant account information, reprint notices as needed, and more.
  • Clients are granted secure 24/7 access to our client specific website that contains reports, plan documents, resources, and Administrative Services Agreements
  • Continuants can access COBRA account information, reprint notice documentation, track payment history, request address changes, and more.
  • Igoe offers integration with HRIS systems or other online Benefit Management Solutions.
  • Live Personalized Training sessions for Human Resource departments can be provided utilizing our Online Meeting Center.

Igoe protects critical data via our state of the art computer systems. These systems are stored in a controlled facility behind an enterprise level firewall and all transmitted personal information is encrypted.