Flexible Benefit Plans
Igoe offers a full service approach to Flexible Benefit Plan (commonly referred to as Flexible Spending Arrangements or FSA) administration. We have handled the administration of Flexible Benefit Plans since their inception in 1991, and continue to provide clients with the best personalized service available. Clients have come to expect more from Igoe for one simple fact: we are different. We are focused on what we do best….administration. We believe that providing meaningful administrative services can only be achieved by providing personal assistance. We continue to be an industry leader by treating our clients and their employees with great care and respect.

Our services include:

  • Specimen Plan Documents are prepared for each client.
  • Customized open enrollment materials including “Plan Highlights” and a “Summary Plan Description” are available online.
  • Reimbursement processing is available using the below reimbursement options:
    • Benefits Card
    • MICR (Manual) Checks
    • Direct Deposit
    • Payroll Reimbursement
  • Clients have access to a dedicated Account Manager and custom secure website.
  • Participants have access to support via phone, website, email and/or fax.
  • Detailed reporting on all Flexible Benefit Plan activity is available online after each reimbursement cycle.
  • Ongoing compliance updates and Plan Amendments are provided when required.
  • Access to senior management is available when needed.


Flexible Benefit Plans have many moving pieces. Igoe’s systems were designed to accommodate the various shapes and sizes of an employer’s plan. Additionally, all key Igoe team members are required to complete a certification program to make certain they are informed on the IRS regulations pertaining to Flexible Benefit Plans. Igoe Administrative Services keeps our staff informed of updates and seminars provided by the Employer Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC), SIGIS, and the Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA).

Igoe will:
  • Perform required non-discrimination testing
  • Create Specimen Plan Document and Summary Plan Description
  • Provide updates to clients on regulatory changes


Igoe believes that technology should be utilized as a compliment to the human touch. Through our technology:
  • Participants have 24/7 access to their account information through our secure website.
  • Monthly account statements and "Use it or Lose it" e-mails are automatically sent to keep participants informed.
  • Clients are granted secure access to client specific website that contains reports, Plan Documents, resources, and Administrative Services Agreements 24/7.
  • Participants may use a Flexible Benefits Card to access their Flexible Benefit Plan account.
  • Igoe offers integration with HRIS systems or other online Benefit Management Solutions.
  • Live Personalized Training sessions for Human Resource departments can be provided utilizing our Online Meeting Center.
  • Igoe can accept and encourages secure online submission of Flexible Benefit claims.
Igoe protects critical data via our state of the art computer systems. These systems are stored in a controlled facility behind an enterprise level firewall and all transmitted personal information is encrypted.