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Common Request Mistakes
Below are some common problems that could delay or halt receipt of your reimbursement:
  1. Request form not fully completed
  2. No signature on request form
  3. No documentation received with request for reimbursement (see requirements for documentation)
  4. Documentation received with request for reimbursement is not sufficient (see requirements for documentation)
  5. Submitting duplicate expenses for reimbursement
  6. Submitting purchases with your Flex Benefits MasterCard on a reimbursement request form (see What Form Should I Use)
  7. Change of mailing address not provided to Igoe
  8. Tax ID or Social Security number of daycare provider not included (see requirements for documentation)
  9. Submission not received. Uploading your requests using the secure upload utility on the Flex Website will ensure the file was transmitted successfully to Igoe.